16 July 2014

Summer Salad

Hi! how are you doing? I was not on holidays I just took a week off and I did not upload a recipe last week as I use to do, I still need to think about that if I will do it biweekly or next week I will come with a new idea, but even I'm busy at the office I'm really lazy when I come back home, I only want to enjoy the afteroons and weekends, by the way the coming weekend I'm going back to Barcelona! Well as you can see I'm also lazzy with the recipes and today I come with a simple salad, simple but really tasty and perfect for these summer days. I love advocado and prawns, so together do a very good combination. Hope you enjoy it!

Summer Salad
200 g iceberg salad
250 g cooked prawns
1 advocado
sal and pepper
fresh dill
1 lima

Chop the iceberg salad and place it in a plate. Cube the advocado and place it in a small bowl, squeeze half of the lima and mix it well to prevent oxidation. Put the advocado cubes and prawns all over the plate. Slice the other half of the lima and put it at the side, drizzle some salt, pepper and dill. Serve aside the mayonnese. Serve it with a bowl aside with mayonnaise mixed with some chopped dill. 

Another salad idea check this one.

Have a nice week

02 July 2014

Banoffee Pie

Hello! New month and new recipe. This is a classic of the English desserts. I love this pie, specially in summer time, due this cake doesn't needs oven. You can get the toffee filling from a boiled condensed milk or using a jar of dulce de leche. But I will show you an other way which I rather than to cook the condensed milk. The process to to cook the can takes 2 hours, so there is an other way much faster and also delicious to make an smooth and tasty toffe. But if you can get a real dulce de leche jar just use it!

Banoffee Pie
Makes a 25 cm round pan
250 g digestives cookies crunched
100 g melted unsalted butter

400 g condensed milk
100 g light brown sugar
100 g unsalted butter
4 bananas
400 g heavy cream
8 g vanilla sugar
pecan nuts for topping

Crush the biscuits in a food processor or in a plastic bag, seal the bag and crush with a rolling pin. Add the melted butter and mix together. Place this mixture in a tin and press with the bag of a spoon all over the base and the sides. Place it in the fridge.

Melt de butter in a pan on a low heat and add the suger, mix it until sugar has dissolved. Add the condensed milk and and bring it to boild for about 2 minutes, stirring all the time to thikens and gets golden. Spread the caramel all over the cookie base, cool and then put it in the fridge for about 1 hour, until firm.

Slice de bananas and place them all over the toffee. Beat the cream with the vanilla sugar until it form peaks and speard it all over the bananas. Top with pecan nuts.

If you want to see the result after few hours in the fridge you can check my instagram and you will see the perfect cut you get after cooling.

Have a nice week