25 September 2013

Lolita Bakery and Dia Cuina 2013

Today I don't have a recipe and I'm also publishing one day later than I usually do, I've been quite busy the last 3 weeks. But I want to take advantage of my stay in my town and tell you about one of my favorites bakeries in Barcelona. If you visit this city do not forget to visit Lolita Bakery to enjoy their delights. Theis bakery  is located very close by the emblematic Gaudí building of La Pedrera. The bad news is they moving in October to an other area. Well actually they have already one store in El Born, which is an other area I love as well. So they informed they will be giving service from there. For sure I'll keep going to Lolita's to enjoy a nice cupcake or a piece of their amazing cakes.

17 September 2013

Ricotta and rosemary Focaccia

I'm back of my vacation in Catalonia, did I told you I was coming back by car? yes, this time was a lovely journey even the km we did. We stopped in Dijon and in Luxembourg and we enjoyed nice meals and landscapes. And the good news is next weekend I have a booked flight again, I'm not crazy, it is just I have to take advantage of cheap flight offers and the excuse is also the big party in my town. 
Well and now let's go with the recipe. There is something better than to do your own bread? and what about if this bread turns to a tasty focaccia? Everybody who has made bread at home knows what I'm talking about, there is no bread compares to one self-made. This is an adapted base bread recipe form Jamie Oliver. Hope you enjoy it!

10 September 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake

Hello! For those they still don't want to turn on the oven I propouse you an easy and delicious cheesecake, with chocolate chips cookies, you will love it! Althought is time to turn on the oven, I'm spending this week in Barcelona and I was expecting to enjoy the beach, I think I can keep already the swim wear for next year. Anyway I am anjoying the weather and visiting friends.
I followed the same method as in this recipe. I love no baked cheesecakes, this one taste more as a mousse, very light and with the crunchy touch of the cookies. As always you can use the cookie of your choice, I love the these mini cookies.

03 September 2013

Chocolate Cherry Tarts

September is here and it seems the summer is already gone, but fortunately there are some days left to enjoy and even in the fruit store there are still cherries! I've got so happy last week when I saw them and I bought three baskets, yes three! I used one for these tartlets the other two disappeared quite fast. I always remember my mum saying "do not eat so much cherries! otherwise you will get sick". I'm still wondering if this rumor is true cause certainly I didn't get sick about them :)
By the way, do you remember the pink lemonade ice cream? I presented that recipe to the contest of Summer recipes organized by the online shop Tape Pink, and I won the first prize!