09 October 2012

West Coast Trip

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my trip to the States. I say a little bit because even this large summary I would need even more space to tell you all the amazing things I did and I saw. This is my third time to America, but the first time to the West Coast and even all good things I read and other people told me before, I got impressed about almost everyhting I saw in that awesome part of America.

I do not want to repeat the same pictures and stories you can find on many other blogs and travel guides. But instead I just want to show you some pictures, but it is not as close as being there yourself.

I visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Carmel, Monterey, and some other smaller cities, and the best of them all is without a doubt San Francisco, of course. I fell in love with that city, I really could live there right now. Is not a city to walk around in, because it has too much climbs and slopes, so it is quite exhausting to see it walking. But you have the lovely cable car which you should try at least once! also the tram and the bus are good solutions, and somehting I did as well is to cycle along the coast from pier 39 to the famous golden gate and cross the bridge. This is also somehting quite tired, but was amazing cycle over the bridge and to feel the wind and the sound of the many cars passing by. I recommend you as well to visit Alcatraz, watch the seals at the pier 39, there are so much things to do there!

I knew already what people says about LA, so I was not disappoined with that city. I was sleeping in a hotel at Venice Beach and that is one of the best areas to overnight. I recommend you to rent a bike and enjoy the beach, cycle to Santa Monica, walk on the pier, have a nice meal, and you can also do a lot of shopping there. But if your budget is higher then go to Rodeo Drive baby, but this was not my case.

The other part I enjoyed the most were all the national parks, I love them: Death Valley,Yosemite, Mariposa, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Antelope Canyon, I had no more time left to visit more, I would wish to visit more, but that country has too much parks, and three weeks was all my budget. There I could enjoy the nature I did a lot of hiking and I even saw a bear in Yosemite!

Eating in America is also an adventure, and as a food lover I enjoyed a lot. They really have a large variety of food everywhere, and something I love is to have a box to take the left overs home. All restaurants in Europe should do the same!

Cupcakes at the breakfast buffet of a hotel & Pancakes in a bed&breakfast (actually the best I ever had)
Brunch at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) & American breakfast

Huge hamburgers, I just love them! Nice ribs and the best steaks.

Something I discover in this trip is: The fact that I love Margaritas! I had all type of margaritas, frozen, strawberry, melon... I did not realize I would love something that contains tequila, but now I do!!

I like american supermarkets, they have everything you can imagine and much more, and a large variety of each thing, sometimes this makes me crazy. I like to walk around in them and look at all the products. I have bought some stuff there, such as chocolate and penautbutter chips and more which is less common or more expensive in Europa. The cookies did not survive till the end of the trip, I ate all of them before my departure day, like mint and strawberry oreos, and all kind of chocolate bars...

All kind of cake decorating stuff and fresh cupcakes (I did not try them)

And of course cupcake time! I've visited the two shops that Miette has in San Francisco and Magnolia Backery in LA. Lovely cupcakes and lovely backeries, Magnolia is much bigger than the one I've been to in NY.

I know, my diet was totally out of the window during my holiday... but who cares! This last part looks more like a food diary than a trip story, well my blog is about food so...

There was KitchenAid and Martha Stewart stuff everywhere! I did not buy the mixer but I bought a cute pink set of measuring cups and spoons of KitchenAid :)

I did not buy so much stuff as I did in my other two trips to the US, actually I had not so much time left for shopping, but there is always time to visit a bookshop, and here you can see my new books. Of course the Miette one, after the visit to the backery I get mine. I bought Joy the Baker and Sprinklebakes as well, since I love their blogs. I also had time to visit the lovely shop of Anthropologie, which is amazing, I could only buy a pair of bowls.

That's all, hope you enjoyed and if you have the chance just go and let me know 

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