25 September 2013

Lolita Bakery and Dia Cuina 2013

Today I don't have a recipe and I'm also publishing one day later than I usually do, I've been quite busy the last 3 weeks. But I want to take advantage of my stay in my town and tell you about one of my favorites bakeries in Barcelona. If you visit this city do not forget to visit Lolita Bakery to enjoy their delights. Theis bakery  is located very close by the emblematic Gaudí building of La Pedrera. The bad news is they moving in October to an other area. Well actually they have already one store in El Born, which is an other area I love as well. So they informed they will be giving service from there. For sure I'll keep going to Lolita's to enjoy a nice cupcake or a piece of their amazing cakes.

I love the bike they have at the door, my dutch influences reveal me. Hope they keep it! 

After this sweet part I have to tell you about the event I attended last saturday of the II Cuina Day, which consisted in a contest aimed to bloggers to present a recipe with cooked ham. I didn't present any recipe but some known bloggers did. So I was invited by Manu of Recetas de Manu, we meet each other in the photography workshop we did together, like Glòria from Gourmenderies was also invited as a visitor. Miquel Ángel from Pebrots Verds was also there, was very nice to meet again and also meet for the first time other bloggers I usually read their blogs like Rhubarb and Samphire, La cuina violeta, No tot són postres and some other bloggers, 25 selected finalist bloggers. We had a nice lunch and in the afternoon we attend also the activity organized. The event was within the activites of the known "Pork and Beer Party" in the town of Manlleu.  Such a nice day, is always nice to meet bloggers and share experiences.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next tuesday with a new recipe 

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