17 September 2012

Mango Lassi

Summer is almost gone... and while we are waiting for the Fall I take advantage of the last warm and sunny days preparing refreshing recipes such as this Lassi. As I told you this summer my new blender has become a good friend in the kitchen, also making smoothies and all kind of milkschakes.

The first time I hear the word Lassi, it attracted my attention, and when I realized where it was originated even more. This recipe comes from India, and I have to tell you I love that country. I've never been there but is already waiting in my whishing list of trips! I love the music, the movies and of course the food.

Lassi can be sweet or salty, both are very refreshing, has a large range of combination possibilities and used to be flavored with species such as cardamom, ginger, black peper, comin, coriander and many others. Mango lassi is the most common of the fruits lassis, and is really the one I like the most. Mixed with yogurt, milk and water you will enjoy in less of 10 minutes a refreshing famous indian drink. 

The mango is sweet enough so it is not necessary to add sugar, but if you prefer is also common to add some honey spoons or some sugar as well.

There are several versions of Mango Lassi, most of them cointain more yogurt and milk than mango, and I prefer the other way around. I rather have more mango taste and also because of the final result with more mango it get a gorgeous color. After testing some of them this is my version:


275 g ripe mango cubed
100 g greek yogurt
60 ml milk
1 or 2 cardamom pods (cardamon powder or some other species)
crushed ice cubes
chopped pistachios and cardamon powder for granish

Crush cardamom pods and combine all ingredients less pistachios and ice cubes in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Throw in some ice cubes. Serve and top with some pistachios and cardamon powder.



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  1. uys que cosita mas original y que color mas bonito seguro que te quedo delicioso guapa como todo lo que haces besos