11 June 2013

Green Smoothie

Get your greens! Green smoothies are very healthy, antioxidant, energetic and they even could help to lose weight. It is the best way to fill your body with essential minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and fiber. It consists to mix green vegetables with fruit and water. The one I propouse you has spinachs, kiwi and banana, but you can choose any vegetable and fruit such as lettuce, cucumber, celery, carrots, strawberrys, mango and a large combinations list. If you did not try it let's do it you will surprise about its taste, I can assure you can't really taste the spinach in this smoothie.

I love this colour!

INGREDIENTS makes 2 large 
4 handful fresh spinach
2 small bananas
2 kiwis
the juice of one lemon
160 ml cold water
icecups (optional for serve)

Blend all the ingredients together in the blender, add extra water if you wish it less thick.
Drink it immediately.

Banana makes already this smoothie sweet enough, but I rather add some honey drops to make it some sweeter. 

Start your day with a green smoothie  


  1. Hey I decided to leave you a comment here! Soooo much easier for me than doing it in Spanish.. hehe!

    Anyway I already left a comment on the Spanish site but just wanted to do this for fun ;-D


  2. Raquel, your photos are getting better and better.