23 July 2013

Pink Lemonade Ice Cream

This is a great ice cream idea for summer days, very easy recipe using the basic ingredients I used also here or here. These days is really hot in the Netherlands, well is a heat wave in all over the north Europe, so was a great chance to make an ice cream. The idea actually came cause I did pink lemonade and I thought could be even more better to make the ice cream version. I use to make pink lemonade quite often, it is a regular lemonade with a light pink colored, which just gives a nice color to the drink. Traditionally coloured with cranberry or granadine,  I used raspberries but you can use the redfruit you wish. This ice cream tastes delicious and so creamy. Ready to make yours?

250 g condensed milk
200 g lemon curd
250 ml heavy cream
a handful of raspberries

Crunch the raspberries with a mortar until they are completly mashed and mix it with the lemon curd and the condensed milk. Whisk the heavy cream in a separate bowl until it forms peaks. Fold this into the condensed milk and the lemon curd mixture with an spatula.

Pour the mixtue into a freezer-proof container and refrigerate it for 45 minutes, after this period remove from the freezer and mix it well with a fork. Repeat this process one more time. If you have an ice cream maker just follow the instructions of the manufacturer.  After 4 hours you can enjoy a creamy ice cream. 

Make sure all the ingredients are in the fridge before you use them and keep the container in the freezer at least 30 minutues before you start the recipe. If you think your ice cream is not pink enough add few drops of pink food colouring.

You can see my pink lemonade recipe here.
Hope you are enjoying the summer, on friday I'm going on holidays to Denmark and Sweden 


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