27 May 2014

Mango Tart

Hello! how was your weekend? Mine was perfect and one of the reasons is that I bought a new bicycle, I´m really in love with it! You can have a look to it on my instagram. Since the moment I arrive in the Netherlands I was looking foward to have one like this, so I´m so excited with it! Today I even got sad cause it was raining and I could not cycle, I know! here no matter if it rains, snows or winds, everybody cycles anyway, but I´m not enough adapted, not yet!
Todays recipes is fresh, yummy, quick to make and the best thing is a no bake tart! For the base I used biscuits with stem ginger, which gives an special touch to this tart. I got the biscuits in the box of Degustabox. You can easily use your favorite biscuit, or add real stem ginger to the mixture.

No bake Mango Tart
makes a 20 cm round pan 
200 g cookies (I used ginger cookies)
75 g melted butter
300 g fresh mango, peeled and cored, plus some more to decorate
100 g condensed milk
250 ml heavy cream
4 sheets gelatin

Crush the cookies and mix them with the melted butter, cover the tart tin pressing with the back of the spoon. Refrigerate.
In the meanwhile prepare the filling. Blend the mango and mix in the condensed milk. Put the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 minutes. Put some of the heavy cream, about 30 ml in the pan and heat it, remove just when starts boiling. Drain the gelatin and put into the pan, mix it well. Let it cool before mix it back with the rest of the mixture.
In a separate bowl beat the rest of the heavy cream with an electric whisk until it forms peaks. Add the gelatin mixture and the cream  and stir with and spatula gently until well combined.
Fill the pan, level and refrigerate at least for 4 hours or better overnight.
Before serving slice some extra mango and decorate the cake, I used some fresh menta as well. 

If you liked this cake you can have a look to this one with lemon and blueberries.

Have a nice week  

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