18 August 2012


Here you have a rich smoothie, perfect for breakfast. Since I have got my new blender, smoothies became my favorite to start of the day. It is a funny way to eat fruit, and you have a large taste variations. 
A smoothie is just a fruit drink mixed with milk or yogurt, it use to be quite thick, and you can add whatever your preferences.

Here is my suggestion:


2 kiwis
1 ripe banana
8 frozen strawberries (can be also no frozen)
1 greek yogurt
2 spoons of milk
1 teaspoon lemon juice
2 teaspoon honey
some menta leafs

Use these mesurements as guides. Peal and mix it in the blender.  
You can make it thicker using more for example banana, or if you prefer it thinner use more milk and no yogurt.
That simple!


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