01 May 2013

Koninginnedag Cake Pops

I update one day later I planned, but yesterday we had the big party in the Netherlands, the Queen's day. As probably you know already yesterday beside the national day we celebrated as well the change of throne, so next year will be the King's Day, and it will be on the 27th april, on his birthday. You must know the 30th was not the Queen's birthday, was the one of her predecessor, her mum's birthday,  but she had the brilliant idea not to change it, otherwise dutches had been celebrating during all her reign on 31st January, so the weather here in that season would not be appropiate to be on the street and make the big party. The whole country go on the street and party since early in the morning till late in the evening, even the next day is a working day. A big orange tide overruns the streets, and you can enjoy of live music, dj's and all kind all performaces in every corner of the city. An other curious thing is the flea market, in that day everybody takes out all the stuff they don't use anymore and sell it on the street, you can find stands everywhere and if you are lucky you can get a good deal.

I did these cake pops, I have to tell you it was the first time I did cake pops, they were quite easy to make, even I had some beginner problems, but I solve them watching some tutorials on youtube. If I want to make more I will need to buy some stuff such a gadget to place them, or a cake pop form. I was thinking as well to get the cake pop machine, do anybody of you have it? I will appreciate if you give me your opinion. I don't want to buy much more stuff and machines, if I continue like that I will need a kitchen expansion.

For the recipe I used a part of a cake and no mesurements are necessary. I just mixed a vanilla cake with some vanilla buttecream and I added some chocolate chips. I made the balls, placed them in the fridge for 1 hour and decorate with orange candy melts and dutch flag nonpareils.

So you know already next year is a good idea to plan a trip to the Netherlands for this date, and you will enjoy as well of the tulips, an other turist attraction, and they can be visited also only during these weeks of the year.

Enjoy your day

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